How to dye an egg with onion shells and flowers


1. Buy tons of red onions. Think 1 onion’s worth of skins for each egg. The closer the onions are to the size of the eggs, the better the skins will fit. Red onions worked better than yellow.

2. Have a spray bottle of water handy. Uli says to moisten the eggs so the flowers, etc. will stick better. I found that having everything, including the onion skins, be dripping wet aided the process.

3. Don’t cover the eggs with stuff. The more shell stays exposed to the onion skins, the more of their color will transfer to the shell. The flowers and such, used sparingly, still provide lovely patterns against the rosy plant dye.

4. Throw a bunch of beets in the pot with the eggs. They add extra color and when you’re done, you’re halfway to a nice salad Nicoise. I almost included red cabbage but didn’t this time. If I try it in the future I’ll post results.

5. Olive oil worked as well as bacon grease to bring out the colors.