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How to make new wood look like old barn board.

How to make new wood look like old barn board.



Here’s a neat way to decorate the trim of a shed to look like old barn wood. This also works for picture frames, fencing and porch railings. Anything wood will do. Giving an antique or aged look gives it striking originality, yet you don’t have to worry about it truly being old and breaking down.

What You Need:

Grey, black, beige and brown wood stain

Course-bristled pain brush


What You Do:

1)      Add equal portions of the grey, black, beige and brown wood stain to a small container.

2)      Swirl the mixture, but do not mix it.

3)      Dip the paint brush in the stain and use long sweeping strokes to apply it to the wood. Apply an even coating. The appearance will be a faux old wood pattern. Let the stain dry completely.

4)      Add a coat of clear coat protectant and let the surface dry.

This is also a great way to refinish the surface of coffee tables, dressers and nightstands. It gives a rustic western look without having to hunt down old wood that’s still in decent enough condition to use on projects.



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