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Sweet Mice: Made of two chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and a Heart-shaped Set of Ears. Too cute!

Are you a mouse lover and have been looking for a cute little snack or treat to give that special someone in your life? If so, then you will love these adorable little mice made out of delicious Hershey chocolate kisses. They are complete with little red heart ears and feet, along with a cute little tail and of course, a cheese wedge! Let’s get to making the sweet mice treats!

1.) Decide how many mice you are going to make and double that number. Cut out little red hearts from red construction paper and set aside.
2.) Take half of the red hearts that you cut out from the construction paper and cut into little feet. Set these aside as well.
3.) Cut little tails out of gray yarn and set them aside.
4.) Cut little cheese wedges out of either orange or yellow construction paper, and of course set those aside as well.
5.) Take one Hershey kiss and glue on a pair of ears to the flat end of the Hershey kiss.
6.) Glue together two Hershey kisses flat end to flat end. Allow the glue to set.
7.) Decide where you want your mouse to be on the cheese wedge and glue a pair of feet onto the cheese wedge.
8.) Where the feet come to a point (remember you made them out of a heart) glue a piece of gray yarn to create a tail.
9.) Attach your little mouse to the cheese wedge by gluing it on to the feet and tail.
10.) Glue little eyes (found in any craft store or dollar store) onto the front of the little mouse.
11.) Complete your little mice treats by writing the words “mice to know you” in red marker pen on the cheese wedge.

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