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How to Plant Lemon Seeds

Do you love lemons? Do you find yourself buying lemons at the grocery store constantly? Did you know that you can plant lemon seeds indoors and grow small lemon trees inside your home or office? Planting lemon seeds indoors not only provides you beautiful greenery to look at  but smells fantastic. Follow our step-by-step guide and you will have an amazing aroma in your home or office.

1) Fill a flowerpot within two inches to the top with potting soil from an unopened bag.
2) Take a lemon and cut in half with a sharp knife. Remove the mature seed – you can tell if a seed is mature because it will be plump.
3) Rinse your lemon seeds in water ensuring that you remove all the sugarcoating. The sugar will encourage fungi to grow and kill your lemon plants.
4) Plant your lemon seed about a half an inch deep in the center of your flowerpot. You need to do this immediately as dried lemon seeds will not germinate.
5) Moisten your potting soil with water making sure not to over water it.
6) Cover your flowerpot with plastic wrap, and place it in a warm location such as the top of the refrigerator until you notice your seeds have germinated.
7) Move your flowerpot to a bright lit area such as a window and enjoy.

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