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DIY Indian Corn Candle

Do you love decorating your home for Thanksgiving, Halloween or autumn? Are you one of those people who go all out, and every inch of your home is theme related to whatever reason you are decorating it? We show you how to make an Indian corn candle.

If you enjoy candles then this is a DIY craft project for you. Making an Indian corn candle isn’t hard. In fact, you just need a few supplies and whalla you have magically transformed a boring candle into a gorgeous centerpiece.

Purchase Indian corn at your local craft store. Make sure the Indian corn is the same height as your candle. You do NOT want the Indian corn taller than your candle due to a fire hazard.

Apply small droplets of glue to one side of the Indian corn and place it against the side of your candle. Allow the glue to dry holding the Indian corn in place before moving on. Repeat until the entire candle has been covered in Indian corn.

Finish your Indian corn candle by wrapping a piece of twine around the entire candle and Indian corn, and tie in a bow.

Place your candle on a candle plate and enjoy. If you don’t have a candle plate you can use a dinner plate.

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