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How to Use Distress Paint to Age a Canvas – One Lucky Day: Tattered Floral Challenge

How to use distress paint to age a canvas – One Lucky Day: Tattered Floral Challenge ~ One of my favorite pastimes is to go to the art museum and soak in all the history, creativity, and pure genius of all the wonderful artists that have walked this earth. A feature I find especially interesting is the aging effect that happens to the canvas of all these masterpieces.

It’s this aging that gives each work of art a sense of life. Sounds rhetorical, I know. That aging makes something seem more alive, but you know it’s true. This weathered look can give a piece character and now you can give this same character to your masterpiece without having to wait 50 to 100 years.

Find out how to use distress paint to age your canvas. This technique that will make your piece stand out from all the rest. Using this distress paint to age a canvas can give your art the illusion of surviving through years of humidity changes, sunlight exposure, and other elements that cause artwork stress.

If you appreciate all the great artists that have come before you and would like to create art that resembles theirs, then try this technique today.

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