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How to Make Covered Light Switch & Outlet Plates

Do you sit and stare at the boring light switch plate covers wishing you knew how to make them more exciting? Perhaps you want to decorate your light switch and/or outlet plates, there’s to match the decor in a room. This isn’t as hard as one may think.

In order to complete this task you need to use fabric or scrapbook paper. The first step is to make sure you start with a clean and dry light switch or outlet plate cover.

Apply mod podge to the entire cover plate, and then apply your fabric or scrapbook paper. Apply a second coating of mod podge over the fabric or scrapbook paper. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once the mod podge has dried, you need to paint around the outer and inner edges of the light switch or outlet plate cover as well as the screw tops. Allow the paint to dry.

Apply one final layer of mod podge and allow it to dry. Finalize by cutting out the light switch area or outlet areas. To prevent accidents while removing the excess paper or fabric carefully cut it out using a crafting.

We are willing to bet once you create amazing light switch covers you will become addicted and one no longer have a boring light switch or outlet plate cover anywhere in your home.

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