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Battery Tea Lights With Magnet On The Back

Delight children and guests alike with these gorgeous battery operated tea-light candle magnets.  They only require a few basic craft supplies and a little time.  Make snowy evenings fun! Here’s how you do it:




What you need:

3- battery operated tea-light candles (You can find these at most discount stores with the batteries supplied)

3-Doll sized knitted caps (Most craft stores keep these in stock)

3- Round flat decorative magnets

Assortment of flat-bottomed black eye beads

Super glue


1) Glue the magnets to the bottom of the tea-light candles. Be sure to apply the glue to battery door only. This way you can change batteries when needed.

2) Glue two larger black beaded eyes on the top of the tea-light candle. Make sure that the off/on switch is to one side or the other and easy to access.

3) Glue 5 of the smaller black beads where the moth should be. Space them out like the picture shows.  Set them aside and allow the beads to dry.

4) Place the knit caps above the area where the eyes are attached and tie the bow at the bottom. Tack down with dabs of glue and let them dry.

5) Turn them on and place them on the refrigerator, or any metallic object for some winter decorating fun!

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