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A Classy Way to Keep the Bugs Away

Want to learn a classy way to keep bugs away? Enjoying an evening outdoors when weather permits can quickly become a pain in rear if you are constantly fighting off misquotes, etc. Do you enjoy sipping on a glass of wine after a long day at work? Don’t throw away those wine bottles instead use them to keep those annoying bugs away!


Things you need:

  • Empty (and clean) wine bottle
  • 1 thick tiki torch wick refill
  • Tiki torch citronella lamp oil
  • 1 3/8-inch metal washer
  • Decorative beads or glass (small enough to fit inside the wine bottle)


Step 1: Insert the decorative or glass beads into the wine bottle. It’s important to note that the more beads you use the less oil you will have to use.

Step 2: Insert the wick through the opening on your metal washer leaving about ¼-inch of the wick sticking out the washer. You need to leave that in order to light the wick. Fit the washer to the opening of your wine bottle, and adjust as necessary.

Step 3: Finally, grab a funnel and pour the Citronella lamp oil in the wine bottle covering half of the wick. Do not pour too much. Finally light the top of the wick!

Next time you empty a wine bottle, why not try this classy way to keep the bugs away!

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